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(Magazine «Samurai», Milano - By Claudio Regoli - translated from the Italian.)

JuJitsu Butokukai

Video 2 of Stefano Surace - Busen video editions

Grandmaster Stefano Surace, in this second cassette, recalls more and more a traditional grandmaster of yesterday and almost seems to regret the period when his teaching of a true grandmaster from out of the shadows was kept hidden, and it was necessary to traverse an initiatory course to arrive at the underground of the Parisian church where he instructed a very selected group of pupils.

In an apparently banal video , with many repetitions the intention of which, at the beginning, is unclear, there are revealed, although without explanation, certain fundamental moves of the style developped by the experts of the Japanese Butokukai and transmitted to his father (Surace JuJitsu would be the better-known name of this style if the modesty of the current head of school did not take priority).

The main part of the cassette is taken up with films of demonstrations and competitions where grandmaster and pupils really fight, as dictated by the rule of the school.

To look at this cassette is a demanding intellectual exercise but which can put heavy demands on the non-expert, who will not be able to see the small errors strewn intentionally, as dictated by the tradition. Not for the superficial or impatient.

(by Claudio Regoli)

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